I Got Shipt On – Target Online

I’ve shopped at Target for years. I’ve always liked their products, convenience, and customer service. So what happened? Is it just this Target in Sparks, NV or is Target becoming an overall worse place to shop?

I placed an order online the other week to pick up in-store. My schedule changed, so I wouldn’t be able to pick it up in 48 hours like they request you do. My call to the store went unanswered from their order pick up department. I called back to a different department and was transferred to a woman who explained that if I wanted to extend my pick-up window, that I needed to go into their app and physically request an additional 48 hours. Why couldn’t she just do that for me? Better yet, why would it not just auto renew? I picked up the order several days later and everything went smooth. Good job Target.

Fast forward to today. I decided try out their online delivery service. I’ve used Costco this way and have had amazing results. Why would I assume that Target would be the same? For one, Costco uses a 3rd party company InstaCart, where as Target uses Shipt. Well… I got shipt on.

The delivery was supposed to be here at 4pm. Approaching 5pm I checked my phone. Somehow my text message beeped and I didn’t hear it. I was listening to Pandora One. My phone was 4 feet away. The order was delivered early. An hour early. 3:01pm early.

The txt message at 3:01pm read: “Hello, I am downstairs with your Shipt order.” A picture timestamped at 3:03pm followed. Two minutes. The guy (who I will keep anonymous) waited two whole minutes for me to respond, place the order by the door, take the picture and send it to me. All in two minutes. Leaving my order right there for anyone to pick up, rummage through, question, etc.

Order ruined? I don’t know. Can you eat sealed bacon that was left in the sun for two hours? My ServSafe skills are failing me. It was warm when I brought it upstairs. I immediately put it in the freezer. I’ll roll the dice.

I’m just relieved that nothing was stolen. I didn’t tip the guy (would you?), but I did reach out to Target to let them know what had happened with Shipt. There website froze when I clicked on contact customer service about my order. Not when asking for a tip, but when I needed customer service about the order. I gave up after several failed attempts. I don’t think I will be using Target home delivery in the future. Not unless I’m standing right outside from order placement untill my order arrives.