NFT & CryptoArt

This book took 145 pages off my life. I really need to start paying attention to what I’m purchasing. I was tolerant enough to keep reading, skimming the redundant and unworthy pages. It lacked the grammatical and spelling errors of other books on my Do Not Read List, and this guy actually meant well. He tried to write meaningful content, although I felt like I was reading from a juvenile author with Alzheimer’s.

Full Title: NFT and Cryptoart: The Complete Guide to Successfully Invest in, Create and Sell Non-Fungible Tokens in the Digital Art Market (The Nft Bible: Creating, Buying and Selling Explained) Paperback – April 17, 2021

Author: Daniel L. Bray

ISBN: 9798738392467

I was duped by the 226 ratings with a 4 star average. There really isn’t much on the subject of NFTs, at least not under the keywords I searched on Amazon. This book was one of the highest reviewed, so I didn’t think twice to add it to my cart. Where are all these horrible Self Published Authors getting so many favorable reviews? Are they purchasing them?

Another “complete guide” to NFTs. At least Daniel here goes somewhat in-depth on the marketplaces you can create and sell NFT’s at, but like the last NFT Book I added to this do not read list, this is no authority on NFTs & CryptoArt. It’s poorly written, double spaced, redundant with repetitive stories. No Depth. Not much useful knowledge. I felt like I was reading an eighth graders book report on NFTs. It just talks about marketplaces and the same popular NFT sales over and over.

Daniel is a self proclaimed investor and entrepreneur (me too Daniel). If you’re investing in any of these companies that you have listed in this book: CIDM, CSCW, WKEY, KBSF, TKAT, JFIN (actual trade volume), OCG, YVR, HOFV, then your portfolio looks worse than mine.

None of the articles, people or NFTs mentioned have sources. No references or works cited. No professional editing. No real, in-depth information. You know, like the kind of information you purchase a book for…