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I Got Shipt On – Target Online

Target Drop Off

I’ve shopped at Target for years. I’ve always liked their products, convenience, and customer service. So what happened? Is it just this Target in Sparks, NV or is Target becoming an overall worse place to shop? I placed an order…

HP DeskJet 4100e

HP 4100e Printer

I’ve never been a fan of HP. HP printers are mediocre at best. They lack quality and proper software. The software is always bulky, bloated and bug ridden. If it were a bed, you’d stay out of it. I don’t…

Uber vs. Lyft – Chase Customer

apple wallet

Years ago I preferred Uber to Lyft. I felt that Uber was first to market, did ride sharing better, and was faster at pick ups. But I was already a customer. Recently I purchased a new iPhone 13 and needed…